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  1. arcticwolf8
  2. Quick_Scopez222
    Don't know if anyone is still playing but I'm back after a long break
    1. arcticwolf8
      Same :D
      Oct 18, 2016
  3. arcticwolf8
    Welcome back Sean lol
  4. Sean Thompson
    Sean Thompson
    Hello everyone... I'm backkkkk!
  5. arcticwolf8
    Seriously guys, post some stuff. Lol
  6. arcticwolf8
    Populate ALL the forums!
  7. MeAwesomes
  8. Matt Davies
    Matt Davies
    Starting to build the bridge.. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. missycat99
    missycat99 arcticwolf8
    so dark zombie eater asked to follow me around till he made a house then was attacked by zombies I tried to help cause he was new died at spawn the hes like I got your stuff im like cool gimmeh and then he gives me his crap then goes I go to go bye with all my chit :I why do I help people >:O why why why stop me please
    1. arcticwolf8
      His inventory isn't showing anything in it.
      May 30, 2014
    2. missycat99
      well that sucks, oh well I'll just mining again with affrino for more gold and stuff it just really annoys me cause I know what was goin on :/
      May 31, 2014
  10. missycat99
  11. Hannah
    I am a bear.... (:
  12. Hannah
    I am bored.
  13. Hannah
    I am building a modern house. And very bored come on the server?
  14. Matt Davies
    Matt Davies
    Just joined the server... Love it!
  15. atggta
    What would happen if a squid and octopus had a baby irl??? Is that how mermaids come to be?
  16. TheGrapeWarrior
  17. MariahSoprano
  18. SonicTime
    ·A Kiss Will Last A Life Time·
  19. SonicTime
    SonicTime arcticwolf8
    Arctic im really sorry for griefing and i hope you can forgive me.....i dont know why i did it and i know that sounds stupid but im very sorry and hope you'll let me play on your server again. I honestly love playing on your server i rather play on your server then the hive server. Anyway i hope i didnt cause to much damage ~Sonic
    1. arcticwolf8
      Accepted, see thread in forums. I'll unban in a minute.
      Dec 3, 2013